Chinese Computing Links

*note - I use a Mac so most of the sites are related to Macs.


PenPower is a Chinese handwriting input tablet that allows you to input Chinese by writing them on a small tablet. If you don't already have it, you should definitely get it. It is so much easier than using the keyboard methods. Even my beginner computer level mom is able to write wordprocessing documents in Chinese by using PenPower. It works on both Macs and PC. You can read some reviews of it in this post on the Cantonese Help Sheets message board.

Mac info

Yale Chinese Mac
The best and most thorough website about using Chinese on Macs. Even if you use a PC, you might find some of the info and links useful. If you want to use Chinese on Macs, you must visit this site.

Yahoo Chinese Mac
Yahoo message board about using Chinese on a Mac. You don't have to register, but like everything else on Yahoo, it sends you ads and cookies.

TrueKeys at UniDoc
True Keys is the only utility specifically designed to convert Chinese/Japanese/Korean true type fonts between Macs and PC.

Dominic's Mac page
This dude has a free TCIM input method plug-in that allows you to enter Chinese character by typing in the jyutping romanization. You must install the Chinese language kit that came free with the system software, in order to use this plug-in.

Light Way Text
Japanese word processing shareware program that displays Chinese characters vertically. Click to see a demo.
Mac OS 7-9, and Mac OS X versions are available in English; Window version only comes in Japanese.

PC info

Majorie Chan's Chinese computing links
Site with whole bunch of Chinese related links. This link takes you to the computing section of website.
Don't you think it's time to switch from the monopolistic, virus infected, I need to get another security patch, beige box to the user friendly Mac? iMac, iBook, iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto, iPod, Unix-based osX. So totally cool! (Though I'm not really sure what the "i" stands for.)


problem - Most of the free Chinese fonts are made for PC. Boo! Boo!
solution - You can buy the program TrueKeys to covert PC Chinese true type fonts into Mac Chinese font. Unfortunately the program costs 50 dollars. 50 bucks! Yikes!
Free NewNiceTaipei98 for Macs
Free Mac version of National Taiwan University fonts

China Dragon Beauty Free Font
A couple of free Mac and PC fonts

Luc Devroye's page on Chinese fonts
Lists dozens of sites for free and commercial Chinese fonts for Macs and PC.

the font machine
Free PC Chinese fonts.

site doesn't work anymore fonts
More free PC Chinese fonts. Site is in simplified Chinese.

HK Supplemental character set
The Hong Kong government developed it's own character set that has Cantonese specific characters. Most but not all of these characters are included in the latest Unicode standard. You can download the font and input software from their site. (PC only)


Unicode is an international, multi-platform coding standard that combines the alphabets, characters, and symbols from most of the major languages into one very large encoding system. Prior to unicode, you would need to get separate fonts for each of the different languages such as Latin based languages (English, Spanish, etc), Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Greek, etc. Now with Unicode you can create and view multilingual documents and webpages without switching fonts. A full Unicode font can take up 20 MB. As expected Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters take up a large portion of the system.

Unicode homepage
Official website for Unicode consortium

Unicode PDF charts
You can download PDF charts from that shows all the characters currently available in Unicode.

Unicode Unihan Database
Part of the site that deals specifically with Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters. You can search for a specific character by looking up it's radical, meaning or pronunciation.

Alan Wood's Unicode resources site
Website to learn more about Unicode. Includes info on Unicode applications and fonts.