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Kwan related sites

Chinese surname No. 394 Guan1
Brief info on Kwan surname

Origin of Guan, Kwan
More detailed info on Kwan surname

Ancestry Kwan board
Kwan message board at
*note for Houston Kwans - I've already contacted the Richard Quan from the message board and found out we're not related, so there's no need to bug him.
Pretty out of date website. Nothing on this site but a message board filled with spam and a chance to buy a Kwan email address.

Helm's Genealogy Toolbox - Kwan
Site that gathers info from other genealogy sites.

Stuff about Hoiping(Kaiping) area
Official site of Hoiping (Kaiping) county government. It offers tons of information on Hoping. Since it's a government owned site, it's all in simplified Chinese.
Official site of my dad's home town, Baakhap (Baihe). Site is in simplified Chinese.
Map of Hoiping (Kaiping) with names of cities in Chinese.

Taishan county village DB: Search
Taishan county borders Hoiping's southeastern edge. Enter in a surname, and the database will tell you which villages in Taishan county that the family lived in. Currently the database only has info on Taishan county. According to the site, it will eventually include info for the all four of the Siyi counties (Enping, Kaiping, Taishan, and Xinhui.)

Taishan genealogy
English site with tons of info on Taishan county.

Siyi Genealogy
This site is devoted to families from an area of Guangdong, China commonly known as Siyi or four counties. The counties are Xinhui , Taishan, Kaiping , and Enping .
Info about Taishan county. Site is in simplified Chinese and English.

Chinese genealogy sites
This site no longer works.
The best thing the site had when it was working was the online FamilySearch Chinese Language Catalog. The searchable catalog listed all the Chinese genealogies and family histories owned by the Genealogical Society of Utah (GSU).

Chinese Surnames
Gives brief info and links on hundreds of Chinese surnames.

Chinese Surname Queries
Message board at Chinese Surnames.
More detailed info on quite a few Chinese surnames.

China Genealogy Forum
Chinese surname message board at

Ancestry Chinese board
Chinese surname message board at

Ancestry Hong Kong board
Hong Kong message board at

Chinese sounding surnames in the 1990 US census
Some guy compiled a list of Chinese surnames from the 1990 U.S. census.

Cyndi's List - Asia & The Pacific
A site that lists hundreds of genealogy related sites. This link goes directly to the page about Asian related sites.

Chinese terms of address
Page at Chang surname website that gives a thorough explanation of the millions of family titles that you are supposed to address each relative by. Okay maybe millions is a slight exaggeration, but dude, there sure are a whole bunch of them

Re: Oldest male line?
Message board posting that talks about Chinese generation names

Chinese Generation Names
Page that talks about Chinese generation names