Learning Chinese Links

*note - I'm interested in improving my Cantonese so most of these sites are about Cantonese


Cantonese Help sheets
This fellow is taking Cantonese lessons in Great Britain and he has posted his lessons online.

Learn Cantonese
good - lots of words.
a little confusing - made up their own romanization system.
naughty - includes a few cuss words.

China West Exchange Cantonese and Mandarin Language
Offers a few free Cantonese and Mandarin lessons. There is also a chatroom, message board and pen-pal service.

Colloquial Cantonese Expressions
A dozen or so colloquial Cantonese expressions with sound files but no characters.

Learning Chinese Online Page
A whole bunch of links to online chinese learning materials

Welcome to MyCantonese.com
Hasn't been updated in a while. Offers free and paid online lessons.

Ohio State Kaleidoscope - Spoken Cantonese
good news - Five volume course for intermediate and advance Cantonese designed around a Cantonese tv mini-series "Kaleidoscope" so that students can learn authentic Cantonese. It's an audiovisual course with videos, cassettes or cd, and text books.
bad news - No Chinese characters.
really, really, really bad news - The 5 volume package will cost a total of $900!

Hong Kong Linguistic Society homepage
They invented the jyutping system.

Cantonese Language Association
I have no idea why BYU is the headquarters for the Cantonese Language Association, but it is.

BYU Selected Pedagogical Bibliography
A bibliography of Cantonese language materials. Does anyone know what "pedagogical" means? Does it have something to do with feet?

BYU newsletter -review of beginner Cantonese books
Review of Colloquial Chinese, Everyday Chinese, and Let's Talk Cantonese

Cantonese Self-Study: An Annotated Bibliography
Self-access language learning newsletter article about Cantonese learning materials. The author gives a quick summary/review of most of the books on his list.

Review: Kaleidoscope Vol. 1
Self-access language learning newsletter article. Gives a favorable review of Kaleidoscope.


mandarin tools
Offers a variety of tools to help you learn Mandarin, including a dictionary, Chinese calendar converter, romanization converter, flashcards, encoding converter, and alot of other neat junk.

The Chinese Outpost
General background info about Mandarin pronunciation, characters and grammar.

USC online characters
Animated traditional characters. You can download the all characters to your computer.

Animated Simplified Chinese Characters
The title of the link pretty much says it all. From ocrat.com.

PCR Tests and Games
Self test for Practical Chinese Reader textbook series lessons 8 to 29

Ting - Chinese English Listening Center
Good - Most of the vocabulary words and complete sentences have sound file in a variety of voices.
Bad - Simplified characters only.

View and download the traditional and simplified dialogs, with sounds files, from Integrated Chinese textbook series for level 1 and 2.

page no longer works

Lucent Technologies Mandarin Text to speech
Type in pinyin or chinese characters, and the text-to-speech program will say the word or phrase in Mandarin. Will also speak in German, French and Spanish

page no longer works


Searchable database to find North American language courses for the less commonly taught languages (anything not English, Spanish, German, French). The database covers over 300 languages and 2000 colleges.

UCLA Language Materials Project
Searchable database that lists learning materials for less commonly taught languages (anything not English, Spanish, German, French.) Provides bibliographical info for all of the material listed.

zhongwen.com FAQ
Has a great FAQ about Chinese characters.

Online Chinese Dictionaries

Dictionary that allows you to search for words by kangxi radical, various Mandarin, Cantonese, and Hakka romanizations, definition and more. When you click on a character, it will give you more info about the character, including links to sound files.

Unique dictionary that's arranged according to a character's etymology (word origin).

Chinese-Cantonese Syllabary
Cantonese dictionary with sound files. Site is in Chinese.

mandarin tools
Another dictionary.


East Winds bookstore
I read someone on the net this is one of the largest Chinese bookstores in the U.S. Only bookstore I could find that offered all the books for Sidney Lau's Learn Cantonese.

*note 1- The books listed on their website don't always reflect what they currently have in stock. You can call their 1-800 number to find out what books they have.
*note 2 -Even though their site says to call them to get a current catalog of their inventory, don't bother. I called to ask for a catalog, and the chick was like "Catalog? What catalog? We don't have a stinking catalog."

Publisher and bookstore specializing in asian books. They also publish the Integrated Chinese series which is used in many college Chinese courses.

Multilingual Books
Offers learning materials for many languages. One of the few places that offer all 5 volumes of the Kaleidoscope Spoken Cantonese series.

Far Eastern Publications at Yale University
Publishes a few books including Speak Cantonese by Huang, Parker Po-fei and Gerald P. Kok 1973.

China Books & Periodicals Inc. Home Page
According to their site they are America's largest and oldest distributor of books, periodicals and other cultural products from China. They offer books, CD's, VCD's, and art supplies.

Silk Road Press
Exclusive North America distributor for Greenwood Press (HK), a leading Chinese language book publisher in Hong Kong.

Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble
Just do a search for Chinese Language.

Great site that compares the bookprices of dozens of the largest online bookstores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, Powells, Albris, Half.com, etc. If you're going to buy a book, check here first to see who has it at the lowest price. It includes shipping costs when it calculates the price of a book