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Kwan generation poem in traditional Chinese Kwan generation poem in simplified Chinese
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Note 1: Some of the generations have two Chinese characters because I got the information about this poem from two different Kwan families (my daddy and P.W. Kwan's).

Note 2: Check out the Chinese language page if you're wondering what tradational, tradational, Cantonese, Toisan, and Mandarin mean.

Generation tradational simplified Cantonese Toisan Mandarin definition
1st   sau 1 T xiu 1 to build
2nd   dak 1 T de 2 virtues, morals
3rd   zoeng 6 T xiang 4 appearance
4th jin 4 T xian 2 virtuous
5th   gwan 1 T jun 1 a king;
a man of virtue
6th   bit 1 T bi 4 most certainly, must
7th   jyu 5 T ru 3 you
8th hin 2 T xian 3 evident, clear;
well known
  wang 4 T hong 2 grand, magnificent
10th   jan 4 T ren 2 benevolent
11th   ding 6 T ding 4 stable, fix, unalterable
12th gwok 3 T guo 2 country
13th   sung 4 T chong 2 to respect; to worship; noble, exalted
14th fan 1 T xun 1 achievement
15th zak1 T ze 2 law, rule
  tin 1 T tian 1 sky; the heavens
hyun 4 T quan 4 to urge; to advise
17th hoi 1 T kai 1 open
18th   gei 1 T ji 1 base, foundation
19th zaak 6 T ze 2 pond
  mau 6 T mao 4 grand, majestic
21th gai 3 T ji 4 to continue;
to inherit
22th jip 6 T ye 4 industry; profession; estate
23rd   gwong 1 T guang 1 light, brightness; glory, honor
24th   xin 1 T xian 1 first; before
25th   zou 6 T zuo 4 throne; blessing
26th   jan 6 T yin 4 long succession of ancestors
27th hang 4 T heng 2 permanent, constant
28th sek 3 T xi 1 tin; to bestow
29th cong 1 T chuang 4 initiate, establish
30th   sau 2 T shou 3 to guard, protect; to abide by
31th   wing 5 T yong 3 forever; permanent
32th cyun 4 T chuan 2 to pass; to transmit;